500 Practice Enterprises in Germany

A practice enterprise is a virtual company for business education and qualification, which trades and economizes under real circumstances. Like a flight simulator for pilots. In Germany, the “Central Office of the German Practice Enterprise Network” coordinates the work of about 500 German practice enterprises. The practice enterprises are connected in virtual business relations with each other and furthermore, with the international practice enterprises. It requires an efficient and reliable network coordination to assure the viability of this widely ramified business area of practice.



The central office in Essen provides a multiplicity of services. Thereby, it can be assured that practice enterprises are able to work together on the national and international market. The services include for example:

  • the providing of a virtual bank for handling the extensive transactions between the enterprises, including the issue of a network internal credit card

  • the simulation of agencies and authorities (agency of employment, district court, finance authority, medical insurance companies) and other services like for example the post, insurances, gas stations

  • the coordination of a telecommunications network as well as a mail and web server exclusive for practice enterprises

  • the providing and development of efficient and flexible software modules for the depiction of business processes
  • the depiction of correspondence companies, which assume the missing market functions of the practice enterprises market