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Hannelore Kraft, the Prime Minister of the federate state North Rhine-Westphalia, together with Reinhard Paß, the Mayor of the City of Essen, have assumed patronage of the 50th International Practice Enterprise Trade Fair.

Hannelore Kraft, Prime Minister of the Federate State North Rhine-Westphalia

porträt kraft»A reliable, practice-oriented education is the most important basis for a successful start in a profession. It is exactly this goal, that the central of the German Practice Enterprise Network and its international network, founded in North Rhine-Westphalia, have pursued for more than 50 years: to create the optimal job requirements for people in training and development.

About 10,000 visitors from all over the world will be convinced by this at the 50th International Practice Enterprise Trade Fair in Essen. Congratulations to this likewise pleasant and important jubilee. As patronage and Prime Minister, I welcome you here in North Rhine-Westphalia.«


Reinhard Paß, Lord Mayor of the City of Essen

OB Pass - 2»The City of Essen is proud to achieve that here, the national and international practice enterprise network has expanded during the past decades. With about 7,000 practice enterprises in more than 40 countries, this network proves impressively that Essen sets high standards as a location of innovation and service.

To the 50th International Practice Enterprise Trade Fair here in Essen, we invite students from all over the world to learn together, to discuss, to celebrate and to become more acquainted with our fascinating city and the Ruhr Metropolis. Our motto for »Essen.2030« is »To strengthen strengths and to weaken weaknesses«. That is exactly what can be succeeded with this trade fair. The City of Essen supports this impressive event with great dedication. You can support this exceptional event, too.«



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