Six Reasons

for You Why to Sponsor the next International Practice Enterprise Trade Fair

Grund 1Reason 1

With the attendance at this big event, you can promote the publicity of your own enterprise and therefore, can boost its image in a sympathetic way.


Grund 2Reason 2

You can gain entrance to specific and interesting audiences and get experienced as a strong trademark by learning people from all over the world.


Grund 3 Reason 3

Take position as responsible enterprise in public and politic, as much as towards your clients, partners, and constituents!



Grund 4Reason 4

Present yourself to well-trained professionals and potential employees!




Grund 5

Reason 5

Get involved in an environment of young, dedicated people in an international atmosphere, and meet the leaders of tomorrow live!


Grund 6Reason 6

Establish sustainable contacts with trainers from all over the world and with the international network of our practice enterprises.




More details of your
engagements, we can
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Michael Loef
Chief of the Central Office
of the German Practice Enterprise Network
Phone: +49 0201/3204–330

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